Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Just dropping in

In Newfoundland, and I suspect in most places that cannot brag of having "world- class cities',  dropping in on people is a common way to spend a day.   Particularly on holidays.  Boxing Day is the biggest dropping in day of all, but any holiday will do.  There is no organization - nobody expects you to declare your self a dropper-inner or stay-at-homer.  It just happens that way.

It does not happen that way in Edmonton.  Visits are organized.  Houses are cleaned.  Wine is purchased.  Meals are planned.  Nerves are frayed.

This week, faced with four whole days off, we decided to drop in on a couple of people.  Just to see how it would go.  Our first attempt started off on a discouraging note.  I was a bit apprehensive.  You don't just show up at someone's house.  Do you?  Doesn't it assume a lot?  Her car was parked at the curb, and her back windows were wide open.  In her part of the city, you don't leave your ground floor windows open to the world.  So I figured she was home; but no answer.  We hung around a bit, admiring the garden, not wanting to admit defeat on our first drop in attempt.  As we crossed the street back though, a voice called from the upstairs - Annie!!

My friend, being a sensible woman, heard the doorbell and figured we were the JW.  Who else would show up unannounced?  Dean set off for the nearby liquor store (where the proprieter came to the window and held up their full selection of three different Australian reds) and we landed in the back garden for a lovely visit with a good friend.

The house was not cleaned. We didn't fuss over the wine selection! And there were no frayed nerves.

Drop in on me any time folks.